Hasan Minhaj 2015 DHS Commencement Speech


June 12th, 2015 - Davis Senior High School Commencement Speech (Class of 2015)
Featurette Credits:
Produced by: Hasan Minhaj, Aristotle Athiras, and Imran J. Khan
Directed by: Aristotle Athiras and Imran J. Khan
Director of Photography: Aristotle Athiras (aristotleathiras@gmail.com)
Editor: Imran J. Khan (imranjkhan@gmail.com)
Full transcript here: ​docs.google.com/document/d/1WBx873FLk4p0ZYcO-7GsB-PaWPkU4S49RidU_JxBVzw/edit?usp=sharing


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    The one percent: 👁️👄👁️💰

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    He looks like Riz Ahmed

  • Fatima Zohra
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    Your emotional face at last made me literally cry.

  • Farabi hassan Tanvir
    Farabi hassan Tanvir7 วันที่ผ่านมา

    Mash Allah dude...this video tears me up..😍...One of the most underrated graduation speeches I've ever seen....May Allah bless you.😍

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    Davis Senior High REPRESENT!!!

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    Yea, Goosebumps

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    He looks like Jim Carrey if he goes without a beard.

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    This is dope

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    That dude may have peed on Hasan's shoes after the tryouts, but Hasan definitely peed on our hearts with that speech.

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  • S. Gautam
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    The shoe trophy raise threw me off the edge. Man you are rare when you can laugh things off, add humour to life, build everything upon honesty and make others feel all that.

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    This guy is great at narration. He should’ve his own show.

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    What the?! 😲 It must be fate that led me to watch this video. I've been a fan of his for a while now, but when he mentions the printer model, (sorry for spoilers? 🤷🏻‍♀️ spoiler alert), I causally look over my shoulder at the printer I have just for shits and giggles and IT'S THE 👏🏼 EXACT 👏🏼 MODEL👏🏼 pew🤯pew🤯pew🤯pew 🎆🎇🧨

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    this was so beautiful

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    Why are we recommended this 6 years later Edit: because he might have unlisted the video earlier

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    Why the heck does this have only 500k views?? This is a 25M typa vid.

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    Did anything think he was talking to the department of homeland security?

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    One day Ill also give a motivational speech and inspire someone

  • WawanMyKawan
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    This commencement speech gave me the courage to start creating my own content and putting em out there. Thanks Hasan for doing what you do and inspiring the rest of us. All the best on creating new content on this channel!

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    I may not have worn them to school but I definitely would have washed those shoes and kept them.

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    And what! Every time you see them you remember someone peed in theme

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    hahaha Hasan is so unnecessarily dramatic! I like it. 😀

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    What a talk but why it popped up after 5 years

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    Video: 2015 Comments: 2021 WE LOVE YOU HASAN!

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    that was one of the best speeches I've ever listened to.

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    Some time yt shity algorithms suggest some good video 📷

  • Habib Khan
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    Hasan tells it like it is. Keep chipping away at your dreams y’all ⛰

    ABHISHEK MUNDA29 วันที่ผ่านมา

    That shoe-pisser must have watched the speech.

  • thedooperman

    That's the secret, You got to keep trying. Sadly 99% of us don't have the perseverance and determination to keep on trying. Inspiring words 👏👏👏👏

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    I absolutely love this. I can't believe I'm just watching this after 5 years

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    I think it was archived and he brought it back

  • Avi Vishwakarma

    Avi Vishwakarma

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    Me to..... Some time yt shity algorithms suggest some good video 📷

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    Algorithm chose right for once 👍

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    @ 7:50 I'm sure you were great at it! You are the best!

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    I just love him

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    When will we get Patriot Act II?

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  • sara

    i remember finding this video last year and how inspiring it was to me. happy to see hasan is back

  • Anni

    What was I binging since 5 years?

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    watching this and crying, cause I'm trying and surviving and trying again keep going and its gonna be worth it

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    F**k you, Tony Wilson. With love and respect.

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    What's up with the comments?

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    Ngl this was inspirational. Except why was this uploaded 5 years ago...

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    I hope the guys in the comments yelling "Hasan's back!" realise this is from five years ago.

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    Hardik Rajpal

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    @Chelsea Cohen Honestly, everyone with something fresh to share has a youtube channel these days.

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    27 วันที่ผ่านมา

    He started a youtube channel!!!

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    This is the commencement speech I should've watched when I graduated from HS last year.

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    Why was everyone recommend this 5 years later

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    Hasan just posted new video on this channel after being away for a long while. I think this used to be patriot act channel, but he rebranded

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    Damn, not me crying at the club

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    Hasan is so underrated

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    ooga booga

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    this is soooo good!

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    Video uploaded in 2015, oldest comment just 1 day ago

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    Really good Office Max commercial

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    I'm going to work with Hasan one day. No matter what gate I have to enter from, I'll jump through the window for all I care. He is such a good Story teller. Can't Wait!

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    Do it for the 99% .... loves it

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    Only 28 comments??

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    “I’m not the best looking” Bro shut up

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    Lol am here before this video gets viral

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    Hasan is the smartest guy on internet.....

  • Lifestyle and body balanced
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    Hasan Minhaj: "Survive failure", Me: speechless.

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    I needed to hear it today.

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    This video was unlisted...right😁

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    Was it? It was recommended to me on the homepage.

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    Amazing and talented since then! Awesome vid Hasan :)

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    Amazing speech!!! Loved it

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    He brought it back lets go

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    Hasan Minhaj: "You can't fall off the floor." I will remember that.

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    Hmm... Strange..

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    Hasan has to be one of the greatest storytellers. Really excited to see what he treats us with next.

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    Wow! Hassan, as always, you are amazing!

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    Fight thru the pick to get to Jesus on the other side, otherwise, the end is hollow. Sorry. Just a fact people.

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    @Abhishek Nair lmaooo

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    Abhishek Nair


    @Jon Atkinson wait r u actually a trump supporter?

  • Jon Atkinson

    Jon Atkinson


    Why do you think God's not involved? Scripture says God puts our leaders in power n we are to pray for them and do as they ask unless it goes against God's law. Yeah, it's a t shirt with Biden rooting for Trump. Think it happened when his demons were sleeping.

  • Habib Bhai

    Habib Bhai


    @Abhishek Nair. Ohh lool. But really, they look at trump like he was sent from above or something

  • Abhishek Nair

    Abhishek Nair


    @Habib Bhai its a joke and thats not trump thats biden with a trump hat

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    Hello everyone! Hassan's back babyyy!!

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    Ayyy, yes ma'am

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    I like bread

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    I loik tourtles

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    Dude me too

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    I like cupcakes

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    I was really looking forward to reading the comments...

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    500,000 people lived here... now it's a ghost town

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    Wow. Reading this, i was too. And damn

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    Where are all the comments?

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    I swear he made me cry... I share similar story to his... God bless you... but I was actually bullied at work ...

  • Arthur Dylan Roberts
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    Love your work, thank you for sharing this. Been following your career for awhile and I think your dope Hassan, God bless you man!

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    Wow. My respect for you just increased a lot. Love from Bangladesh. 🇧🇩

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    Why is yt recommending this after 5 years.... This is......... "DAMN"

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    Yh me 2

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    Dude thanks for encouraging ....still watch this ...indian boy making change ...respect ...

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    Hasan, did you ever talk to 'Tommy' about that?

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    Hasan is a great storyteller.

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    thomas rhett

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    This made me cry.

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    Dude seriously hasan

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    Assalam U Alaikum Bhai

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    huh. made me cry, I will try over and over again

  • Alisha Gendu
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    "If you give yourself the opportunity to try and survive failure, you'll eventually find what you were meant to do"

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    If my Dookie can make out of the hood. Probably we caan too! - Jordan Peele.

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    Wow that was cool dude